29th March

29th March

One hundred one years back, on the 29th day of March, 1914, Mirra Alfassa, The Mother, met Sri Aurobindo. She wrote in Prayers and Meditations on the next day:

Gradually the horizon becomes distinct, the path grows clear, and we move towards a greater and greater certitude.
It matters little that there are thousands of beings plunged in the densest ignorance, He whom we saw yesterday is on earth; his presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, and Thy reign shall be indeed established upon earth.

O Lord, Divine Builder of this marvel, my heart overflows with joy and gratitude when I think of it, and my hope has no bounds.
My adoration is beyond all words, my reverence is silent.

If we see from a truly historical viewpoint, unbiased and liberated from the ordinary way of thinking and understanding, we will realize that this has been a day of the greatest possible significance and importance for the mankind and its future, for the earth and its future.

They are the two Persons who realized the Supermind and caused the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness. Prior to Them, none else endeavored for reaching or bringing down the Supramental Consciousness. The words the Supramental Consciousness or Supermind were first used and defined by Sri Aurobindo. He also used the words Gnosis and Truth-Consciousness mean Supermind. But the Idea or the conception was not quite new. According to Sri Aurobindo, the Vedas contain the gospels of the divine and immortal Supermind in a concealed way.

In Taittiriya Upanishad, it has been said: Annam brahma — the Matter is Brahman. [Annam brahmeti vyājanat — he knew the Matter to be the Eternal Absolute] Likewise, it is also said there: prāno [Life] brahma, mano [Mind] brahma, vijnānam brahma and ānandam [Bliss] brahma. Vijnana is Supermind. Supermind is also termed rtachit or Truth-Consciousness.

In this regard, M Alan Kazlev says: “Vijnana loka” is the Supermind proper – in Sri Aurobindo’s reading of the Taittiriya Upanishad, vijnana is not intuitive or inner mind as it is in the conventional vedantic (especially advaitin) interpretation in terms of koshas, but the Supramental purusha which is still to be actualized, and will be as part of the process of Supramentalization. [Kheper Website ~www.kheper.net]

It may be emphasized that not much of efforts were made, earlier to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, to reach Supermind or to cause its Descent on earth. It was said that on reaching and realizing the height of Vijnana, the Supramental Consciousness, one’s body would not last more than forty days.

Possibly, the human body was not yet then ready for the Adventure. But now things have changed, after the Supramental Descent on earth, caused by The Mother on the 29th day of February 1956.

It was an adventurous action on the part of Sri Aurobindo that He reached, realized and received the Supramental Consciousness that descended on the 5th day of December 1950. And He did so at the cost of His physical Existence.


Sri Aurobindo states that Supermind is the creator of the universe, and not any Overmental God or Force.

Sri Aurobindo has also described the nature of Supermind to be an ultimate knowledge and knowing power. According to Him, Mind is a lesser power of Supermind and is derived from the latter. However, Mind is a plane necessary in the Evolution, as designed by the Supreme Consciousness.  He also says that the human beings are capable of experiencing and realizing the ultimate cognitive and creative capacity that Supermind is.

He also states that through Evolution of consciousness, Man can rise from Mind to a higher, spiritualized Mind [namely, the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, the Intuitive Mind and Overmind] and even further, until he reaches and realizes the Supramental.

In the onward journey of Ascension, before reaching the Supramental Consciousness, generally, one has to realize and surpass the various planes of Mind, as described above, — from the Higher Mind to Overmind. According to Sri Aurobindo, Overmind is the plane of Gods and Goddesses. This is the highest consciousness within the mental system.  As Man progresses higher and higher in Consciousness, he has the scope of experiencing and surpassing these planes of Mind, until he reaches Overmind. And thereafter, there comes the possibility of the Supramental Realization and Descent and Transformation. If we rise in consciousness, we can grow and develop the supramental capacity of knowledge. Moreover, as a consequence of acquiring the capacity for integral knowledge, we will have the infinite capacity to create in life, just as Supermind itself is able to do as the Creator.


Sri Aurobindo’s departure was a Sacrifice for the noblest cause of letting the Supramental Consciousness and Force descend on earth for the Supramentalization of the earth-consciousness and for evolutionary progress beyond Man, so that the earth changes from a vale of tears to an abode of Joy and Light and creativity. That was the beginning.

In the words of K D Sethna, the physical departure of Sri Aurobindo “reveals itself as an extreme measure freely adopted, for reasons of his own, in significant yet never dominant mortal detail by one who, after having ascended in consciousness to a new and hitherto unmanifested power of the Divine Reality, sought to effect a descent of it for earth’s complete perfection, including a transformation of the very body of man. The spiritual perfectionist found at a critical turn of his battle with entrenched powers of darkness in earth’s being that to take his own semi-transformed body through the process of a death at once normal and supernormal was a paradoxical short-cut towards the revolutionary evolution of humanity into divinity that was his aim.” [Emphasis is mine.]

The Departure of Sri Aurobindo effected a realization of a New Consciousness and Force in the very Person of The Mother: the Mind of Light got realized in Her. And that caused to open the doors of the greatest Hope for Mankind: the Hope for the Supramentalization.

The Mother says:

“As soon as Sri Aurobindo withdrew from his body, what he has called the Mind of Light got realised in me.”

“The Supermind had descended long ago – very long ago – into the mind and even into the vital: it was working in the physical also but indirectly through those intermediaries. The question was about the direct action of the Supermind in the physical. Sri Aurobindo said it could be possible only if the physical mind received the supramental light: the physical mind was the instrument for direct action upon the most material. This physical mind receiving the supramental light Sri Aurobindo called the Mind of Light.”

[Emphasis is mine.]

And what has seemed to us to be The Mother’s Departure is but a transition — The Mother left Her human frame and walked into the newly formed Supramental Body, which is but an individual manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness and Force into a New Body, still invisible to the ordinary human eye.

Prior to the coming of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on earth, these were all unheard and unattempted Ideas and Truths. The sole aim of all spiritual endeavors till then was to go back to the Origin, to have Nirvana or Moksha or to go back to the Heaven.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have changed the Aim, the Goal, changed the approach, and changed the Way. The Aim is a New World, where imperfections will be no more there, no more will be Darkness and inconscience and ignorance and inertia, Death and diseases and sufferings, limitations and divisions. The Goal is the New World — the Supramental World, after a total and integral transformation of the old earth and the old humanity. The approach is new, as the seeker no more thinks of any return to the Origin, of any Nirvana or Moksha, of any withdrawal from and non-participation in the Cosmic Manifestation. As we have seen, a desertion of the Society and the World, a so-called “renunciation” and relinquishment, is no more the approach and the Goal. Going back to the origin, beyond the Manifestation, renouncing the World for an individual Moksha or Nirvana is no more the Goal, the Task. And the Way is evolutionary, integral, and all-aspected. As is well-known, Sri Aurobindo has said: “All life is Yoga.”

Integral Yoga, as given to us by The Master and The Mother, is not limited to, and only begins with the individual realization.

In this connection, The Mother says: “For this transformation to succeed, all human beings — even all living beings as well as their material environment — must be transformed…. Not only an individual or a group of individuals, or even all individuals, but life…has to be transformed. Without such a transformation we shall continue having the same misery, the same calamities and the same atrocities in the world. A few individuals will escape from it by their psychic development, but the general mass will remain in the same state of misery.”


The Master has said: “Man is a transitional being.” This is because Man is an evolutionary being is a part of an Evolution. The Cosmic or Universal Manifestation is an evolution of what is involved. And what is involved is the principle of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, Sat-chit-ānanda [Sachchidānanda], the Divine, the Brahman, the Supreme. The Existence-Consciousness-Bliss willed to become Many — “Eko<ham, bahu syāma.” The Many are now manifested, through and after a long process of Evolution, as the human beings.

And Man is yet to manifest in him the perfection of the Sachchidānanda, the Divine. And that is the purpose and the Aim of the New Way of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

And it should be borne in mind that long before The Mother walked into the New Body, She has caused the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness on earth on the 29th day of February 1956, as mentioned earlier. Let me quote the oft-quoted message of the Mother from Mother’s Agenda Vol.1:

First Supramental Manifestation

(During the common meditation on Wednesday

The 29th February 1956)

This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was present amongst you. I had the form of a living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door, which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed in a single movement of consciousness, that ‘the time has come’, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

And then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.

Things are now ready or the Mankind to attain the willed pogress and transformaion. The Mankind has to arise to the occasion. The Truth of the possibility of the coming of the New Race of “Supermen” has to be accepted and lived. This is not the question of any blind faith. This is an evolutionary Truth, a scientific Truth which is also a spiritual Truth, a Truth of the Science of Consciousness.

Individually, we shall have to will for the transmutation, for the transformation of our mind, life and body — with the specific stress on the transformation of the body. For my will is the First step of the Divine’s Will, as the Master has said.


The meeting of The Master and The Mother on the 29th March 1914 has resulted with and created a Hope, the greatest possible Hope,  for us — the Mankind : the Hope for a New World. That is the purpose of Their coming on earth among us, the Mankind, and that is the purpose of Their meeting.

The incarnate dual Power shall open God’s door,
Eternal supermind touch earthly Time.
The superman shall wake in mortal man
And manifest the hidden demigod
Or grow into the God-Light and God-Force
Revealing the secret deity in the cave.

[Savitri, Bk XI Co I]

Barindranath Chaki



[Revised from an earlier writing and publication by me in  2009 in All Choice, Aspiration, Sulekha and Gaia.]


The Withdrawal

A voyager upon uncharted routes

Fronting the viewless danger of the Unknown,

Adventuring across enormous realms,

He broke into another Space and Time.


On 9th December 1950, the Body of Sri Aurobindo was finally kept inside the Samadhi in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram premises. As is known universally, He passed away, medically, on 5th December 1950. Many, including The Mother Herself, experienced a Supramental radiance from His Body from the 5th to the 8th of December 1950.

A few days prior to 24th November 1950, specially from 17th November 1950, an ailment from which Sri Aurobindo suffered earlier but within limits, uremia, recurred in a way that caused heavy and definite anxiety. In spite of it, the daŕsan of 24th November 1950 had taken place. Hundreds of people had His daŕsan and passed by Him, but they did not have the least suspicion that anything was wrong!

Of course, a few persons, besides The Mother, knew about His illness. Nirodbaran, an eminent surgeon and a close disciple of Sri Aurobindo, looked after Him. On 30th November, Dr Sanyal came from Calcutta to look after Him.

On 4th December 1950, at His request, He was helped out of His bed. He was able walk to His arm-chair and take His seat. The disciple were very happy, but their joy did not last long!

Later, at night it was clear that Sri Aurobindo was withdrawing Himself. At 1.26 AM, on 5th December, Sri Aurobindo withdrew Himself finally, in presence of The Mother there in the room. Earlier, She told Dr Sanyal: “He is fully conscious within, but he is losing interest in Himself.”

Two hours after His passing away, The Mother announced the news to the Ashram inmates. The news spread rapidly and was transmitted throughout the world immediately.

Not only Pondicherry, but the whole of India and the world at large were stunned at the news of His departure.

Sri Aurobindo’s Body was to lie in state, all the Ashram gates were thrown open, so that all could pay their homage to Sri Aurobindo.

One of the disciples, Dara (Aga Syed Ibrahim), who paid his homage to Sri Aurobindo on the 5th December, stated :

I found myself in Sri Aurobindo’s own room by the side of his cot. He seemed so peaceful and happy, and the flesh shone with a new luster which I failed to see at the daŕsan time on 24th November. Why could I not see it before?… I could not take my eyes off his face and arms. It seemed to me he was alive. It was certain that he was in a condition of a deep and upward soaring trance just then.

The Mother had announced on 5th December :

The funeral of Sri Aurobindo has not taken place today. His body is charged with such a concentration of Supramental light that there is no sign of decomposition and the body will be kept lying on his bed so long as it remains intact.

By the evening of 5th December, more than 60000 people filed past “the sublime Master.”

“For everyone — for almost every one of the sixty thousand — it was a unique moment, a moment abstracted out of the stream of time when eternity was made out of the moment. Each took the burden o of his (or her 0 personality, carried his own inner climate of the soul; and the figure of the Purusha lying in the ananta-sayanam posture affected each a little differently perhaps, yet it was also on the whole a cleansing,  cathartic and chastening experience for more.”

( Sri Aurobindo: K R Srinivasa Iyyengar)

Sri Aurobindo’s Body lied in state till 9th December 1950. On 9th morning, the first signs of decomposition were noticed. As such the Body was interred in the evening. It was carried by the Ashram sadhaks and placed in the cement concreted vault prepared in the Ashram courtyard under the Service tree. The place is now called the Samadhi, where devotees from  all corners of the world offer their respects and prayers. As is known by all concerned, The Mother’s Body was also interred on 20-11-1973 in the same Samadhi in the upper chamber, after Her withdrawal on 17-11-1973.


Sri Aurobindo’s departure was no ordinary death of a mortal man. And this is not a matter of Faith only. When seen by an understanding, visionary, mystic and open consciousness, not blinded by darkness and ignorance of an ordinary consciousness, one may realize that His Withdrawal was a turning point in the history of Evolution. It was the first step of human victory over Death.

Sri Aurobindo knew of the Supermind in 1910. Satprem says :

It may be worth stressing that Sri Aurobindo made His spiritual discovery in 1910, even before having the read the Veda, at a time when nuclear physical was still at a stage of theoretical conjectures.

Sri Aurobindo’s Supermind is not a completely new discovery. In the Vedas, there is a reference to it as Satyam Ritam Brihat — The True, the Right, the Vast — and it was symbolically described as the Sun of Knowledge. But it was perhaps experienced in a yogic condition of deep trance, or perhaps what was experienced was the reflection of the Supramental Light and Consciousness  in the mind or in the levels termed by Sri Aurobindo as the different levels the Superconscient —the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, Intuition, and Overmind — without having any knowledge about these different planes.

Even in some references in the Veda, it had been stated that if this level of Consciousness realized, the body will be destroyed within a period of forty days!

Sri Aurobindo was in contact of the Supramental Consciousness for a period of forty years.  What happened on 5th December 1950, was the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness in a wider and larger scale, not for His transformation only, but to bring an earthly transmutation. It became necessary for Sri Aurobindo to receive the full force of the Supramental Light and Consciousness, so that the Supramentalization of the earth and the mankind will become assured! This was act of the greatest possible Sacrifice, comparable to the act of Lord Shiva accepting halāhala (poison) at the time of amŗta-manthan, as in the Indian mythology.* Had the humanity remained prepared and receptive, He perhaps would not embrace death!

Towards the last days of his earthly existence, Sri Aurobindo got realized what He termed the Mind of Light**. A mind of Light is a ‘mind capable of living in the truth, capable of being truth-conscious and manifesting in its life a direct in place of an indirect knowledge.’ It is a mind that would be an instrument of the Light, the Supramental Light and Consciousness, and no longer of the Ignorance or of any plane from the Higher Mind to the Overmind.

When Sri Aurobindo withdrew, the Supramental Consciousness and Force got also realized in The Mother and She had in Her descended the Mind of Light. And the Process of began and continued, we find the consequence if the Supramental Manifestation on the 29th February 1956. I am again placing below here the oft-quoted declaration of  The Mother:


(During the common meditation on Wednesday

The 29th February 1956)

This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had the form of a living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door, which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that ‘the time has come’, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.


And now the Supermind is on earth, actively present on earth.

The Mother has stated :

The Manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality. It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognize it. [Mother’s Agenda Vol.1]

When the Supermind will start functioning in the full swing, many things will change, more or less. However, even when supramental beings will be there, there still may be human beings. And everything need not change for them, but still there will be improvements in all their circumstances also.

We know that all apes have not become human beings. Even all kinds of apes were not evolved as human beings. Apes are present very well now also. All ape laws are still applicable to them, like jumping from one tree to another.

So, human beings may still reside on earth, in a better society, in a better life, when the supramental race will manifest, as they will be directly influenced by the Supramental Consciousness.

And we have been observing several changes on earth, in the human circumstances, after the 5th day of 1950, and specially after the 29th February 1956.

The first thing is gradual globalization. Now the entire earth has become, and is still becoming more and more, one place, united and unified. Men and women are becoming more and more free and emancipated. Darkness is leaving our social and political lives and evrything is coming to an openness. Wrong social customs and inhibitions and prohibitions and superstitions are becoming less and less active. The iron curtains of Soviet land has been broken and China has also opened the Door to the outer world. Autocrats have diminished in number, and it is hoped that they will leave for ever soon.

It may be recalled that the Mount Everest was conquered by Tenzing and Hillary after 1950 only; the confirmed ascent (and of course, safe descent) of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay took place in 1953. [Ref : Wikipaedia]

Colonel Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut, became in 1961 the first human in space and the first human to orbit the Earth. And thereafter there have been enough progress in space adventures and space technology by the humans, which all of us more or less know.

Next, we find that there have been sufficient progress in medical and biological sciences. The life expectancy have increased and is increasing more and more. Now Medical Science is changing our concept of Old Age. “While many agree that our human life span has an upper agelimit of 120 years, it now looks like we may be able to grow older as our bodies may be kept artificially young.”[The End of Aging : Carol Orlock]

Carol has further referred to a process of selective breeding, which may increase the average of life-span of a human being from 150 to 160 years. He says : “In human terms, that would mean an avrage life span of 150 to 160 years —assuming, of course, that any human population would accept the prospect of selective breedingfor 1400 or so years.”

The goal of life is to die young — as late as possible. [Ashley Mantagu]

We have also seen that two of the disciples of Sri Aurobindo — Nirodbaran and Amalkiran — have lived for more than a century each.

It is not possible here to make an exhaustive list of the changes and progresses made by and occurring to the human society after 1950. But any onlooker will admit that there have many progressive changes and many more will be. And these changes will be there, so that Man can progressively prepare Himself for the transformation into the New Man, so that the New Race, the Supramental Race may have an advent on earth.

Let us always gratefully remember that all these progressive changes on earth are the result of the Descent of the Supramental Consciouness and the Supramental Manifestation.

The basis of the Supramental Manifestation on earth on 29th February 1956 is the Sacrifice made by Sri Aurobindo on the fateful day, the 5th December 1950.

Barindranath Chaki


*Amrita or Amrit (Sanskrit: अमृत) is  immortal nectar or ambrosia (of which it is a cognate). It is the drink of the gods, which grants them immortality. In Sanskrit the word amrita literally means “without death”, and is often referred to in texts as nectar.

Amrit features in the myth of the Samudra manthan, where the gods, because of a curse from the sage Durvasa, begin to lose their immortality. With the help of the asuras (demons), they churn the sea in order to find the nectar of immortality: amrit. Drinking it, the gods regained their immortality and defeated the the demons.[Samudra is sea, and manthan is churning.]

**A new humanity means for us the appearance, the development of a type or race of mental beings whose principle of mentality would be no longer a mind in the Ignorance seeking for knowledge but even in its knowledge bound to the Ignorance, a seeker after Light but not its natural possessor, open to the Light but not an inhabitant of the Light, not yet a perfected instrument, truth-conscious and delivered out of the Ignorance. Instead, it would be possessed already of what could be called a mind of Light, a mind capable of living in the truth, capable of being truth-conscious and manifesting in its life a direct in place of an indirect knowledge. Its mentality would be an instrument of the Light and no longer of the Ignorance. At its highest it would be capable of passing into the Supermind and from the new race would be recruited the race of supramental beings who would appear as the leaders of the evolution in earth-nature. Even, the highest manifestations of a mind of Light would be an instrumentality of the Supermind, a part of it or a projection from it, a stepping beyond humanity into the superhumanity of the supramental principle.

[Sri Aurobindo]

Barindranath Chaki


[Written by me on 9-12-2006 and published in my Website The New Horizon.]

Sri Aurobindo is with us

To the ordinary human understanding and sight, Sri Aurobindo is said to have passed away on the 5th day of December 1950. Several persons have described this as the passing away of The Master— an Event that seemed to bring huge shadows of sorrows on the followers of The Master and The Mother. People in huge numbers paid their last respects to Him, till the 9th day of December 1950.

To men in general, it was only, or mainly, a departure, a passing away, as billions and billions of humans have passed away since the beginning of the human race.

However, indeed, it was a sacrifice — a sacrifice of the physical being of The Master, a sacrifice made by Himself, so that the Supramental Consciousness and Force may descend to the physical plane. The Supermind descended and the consequence was the Sacrifice of the physical being of Sri Aurobindo, mainly due to the lack of receptivity of the earth and the people.

The Mother said on 8th December 1950: The lack of receptivity of the earth and men is mostly responsible for the decision Sri Aurobindo has taken regarding his body. But one thing is certain: what has happened on the physical plane affects in no way the truth of his teaching. All that he has said is perfectly true and remains so. Time and the course of events will prove it abundantly.

The Mother has again said 29th December 1950: Our Lord has sacrificed himself totally for us … … He was not compelled to leave his body, he chose to do so for reasons so sublime that they are beyond the reach of human mentality … … And when we cannot understand, the only thing is to keep a respectful silence.

The Mother has also told that Sri Aurobindo is always present on earth for the progress and advancement of the Evolution — from Man to the Supramental Being. On the 7th day of December 1950, She said:

Lord, this morning Thou hast given me the assurance that Thou wouldst stay with us until Thy work is achieved, not only as a consciousness which guides and illumines but also as a dynamic Presence in action. In unmistaken terms Thou hast promised that all of Thyself would remain here and not leave the earth atmosphere until earth is transformed. Grant that we may be worthy of this Presence and henceforth everything in us be concentrated to the fulfilment of Thy sublime work.

Again on 18th January 1951She said:

We stand in the Presence of Him who has sacrificed His physical life in order to help more fully His Work of Transformation.

He is always with us, aware of what we are, of all our thoughts, of all our feelings and all our actions.


On His leaving of His Physical body, the Supramental Consciousness descended in the physical being of  The Mother — and then began the preparation for the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness on earth, which actually took place on 29th February 1956.

The purpose for which Sri Aurobindo came to Pondicherry was the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness on earth and make Supermind a part of the earthly nature, as Life and Mind are parts of nature on earth. Nature is evolutionary and as Life and Mind have manifested through an evolutionary process, so will Supermind manifest on earth. And that is the Work of Sri Aurobindo — a Total Transformation.

The Descent of Supermind had a requirement that there shall be an Ascent to the Supramental Plane. Only after the Ascent, the Task of the Supramental Descent was taken by <b>The Master</b>. Even in 1938, Supermind used to descend in the physical being of The Mother. But It was not settled then in His physical Mind or in His physical being.

When Supermind descends into a human being, It creates a Mind of Light, a Pure Mind reflecting and radiating the Light and Consciousness and Force, as stated and explained by Sri Aurobindo in The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth.   

The Mother said that “as soon as Sri Aurobindo withdrew from His body, what He called the Mind of Light got realized here.” And the Mind of Light manifested in The Mother.

As soon as the Supramental Consciousness descended on Him, Sri Aurobindo left His body with a view to concentrate on His Work: <b>The Supramental Manifestation on earth</b>. The Work of the Supramental Manifestation intensified with the so-called passing away of Sri Aurobindo. And Sri Aurobindo’s physical Withdrawal was greatly successful when on the 29th February 1956, The Mother caused an uninterrupted flow of the Supramental Consciousness and Force upon earth.

The Work of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is going on, led by Them.

 The Mother has said on 15 April 1972 :

The transition from man to the supramental being is accomplished through the superman. There may be a few superman – there are – who will actually make that transition. [Mother’s Agenda, vol. 13] .

The Mother differentiated between the Supramental Being and the Superman. The Supramental Being will have a Supramental Body.

Barindranath Chaki


[Written earlier on 5-12-2009 and published elsewhere.]


Into the New Body

The Mother, Mira Alfassa, walked into the New Body on the 17th day of November 1973. She left Her physical body and walked and entered into the then newly formed Supramental Body. The World knew and told that She has passed away.

It is said that The Mother withdrew Herself on the 17th day of November in 1973. However, we will see that in reality, in the highest meaning and sense of the term ‘reality’, The Mother continues eternally — in a NEW BODY.
She wanted to walk into Her new supramental body along with Her old body. But that did not and could not happen. The cooperation and preparation that She deserved from the fellow human beings was not received.

Medically, The Mother was ill. It was said that She was sick. Though, She was really at the concluding stage of preparing and entering into a New Body, the Supramental Body. Many others heard of it — some believed it. Some could not believe it — some did not believe it.

On 24-03-1972, The Mother told Sujata on the New Body :
For the first time, early this morning, I saw myself: my body. I don’t know whether it’s the supramental body or … (what shall I say?) a transitional body, but I had a completely new body, in the sense that it was sexless: it was neither woman nor man.

It was very white. But that could be because I have white skin, I don’t know.
It was very slender (gesture). Really lovely, a truly harmonious form.
That’s the first time.
I hadn’t the least idea, the faintest notion what it would look like, nothing, and I saw – I WAS like that, I had become like that. I thought Satprem should know, so he can note it down.
I don’t know if I’ll remember, that’s why I am telling you. Because today is Friday and I won’t see him till tomorrow. This way, I am sure I won’t forget. You’ll tell him, won’t you?

Sujata: Yes, Mother.

The next day, the 25th March 1972, Satprem had asked The Mother about the new Body:

Sujata told me about the experience you had the other day, that vision you had of your body, the transitional body.

The Mother replied:

Yes, I WAS like that. It was me; I didn’t look at myself in a mirror, I saw myself like this (Mother bends her head to look at her body), I was … I just was like that.
That’s the first time. It was around four in the morning, I think. And perfectly natural – I mean, I didn’t look in a mirror, it felt perfectly natural…… [Mother’s Agenda, vol. 13]
The Mother revealed Her Agenda and Her Work before Satprem and Sujata, and they were told by Her of Her programme of creation and preparation of the New Body as a very important step in the Supramental Manifestation.


K D Sethna has said in this matter:

We are aware that the Supramental Body was already with Her, waiting to fuse with the human form She had worn for our sake. We are aware also that the lengthy struggle she recently went through was only the Yogic endeavour of the human form to open completely to the Supramental Body. Perhaps this form did enough and its exalted agony was needed no more to enable the Supramental Body to manifest. Perhaps that Body having assimilated the achievement of the other and thereby gained sufficient density for its subtle-physical substance, can now materialize itself on its own in a not too distant future.


What M P Pandit said is highly relevant :

A new body was under formation, the supramental body, in which She was to take Her embodiment as the end-result of the transformation of this body. The body was being prepared. She gave in “Notes on the Way” descriptions of this body, described how it looked. And about a year ago, She told someone, “I am trying to fuse this material body into that body but I have not been able to get the clue.” She said, “Nobody on earth has tried this, the secret is not given to me. On that point, She said, there was no help from above. She was searching.

Thereafter ……… one day it flashed to me that as soon as that luminous body was ready, the Mother would just walk into it without dying, “without dying” means not necessarily keeping the body, but without the gap in consciousness; keeping up the continuity of the personality, She would just cross in to that luminous body. It just flashed, and the way it came I thought it was more than just an idea: I noted it down in my diary. I looked up it the other day, it was dated the 24th of July 1973. I did not think it wise to speak of it to people except in my closest circle, which I did… …

Then on the morning of 17th November at about nine o’clock, a particular friend of mine — he has a certain grounding in occult experience, occult knowledge, and normally when we meet we exchange notes — told me, “I have seen the Mother’s body of light.” I got interested. “The new body is full of light but it is not dense enough to function is earth conditions. It is there, and as I was looking at it I got the feeling that the Mother would enter this body the moment it became dense enough to stand and function in the earth atmosphere, seen or unseen. But there is no question of revival of the material body.” And he added, “Those who are capable of seeing the Mother’s halo, aura, they will be able to see that luminous body.” It confirmed what I had perceived some four month’s earlier; I told him as much.

That evening at 7-25 p.m., as you all know, the Mother withdrew from her body. They say the cause was heart failure, but let me tell you the heart failure was not the cause, the heart failure was the result of her withdrawal. She had decided, the moment things were ready she walked into that body.

She has not passed away, She has just changed her body. Not changed in the manner of the Gita — soul changing bodies — consciously ; keeping the full personality she has gone into that body. And, as it was revealed to me.…, she will function in that body, work through those instruments who are open to her, expedite the remaining work — the working out of the consequences — but her activity will not be confined to the Ashram or to Auroville; for her the whole world is her Ashram. As I was led to put it on radio the next day, “The sea of Love that is the Mother swells into an ocean”: not a perception, not an idea, not an image, but an experience.* [Underlines are mine]

A divine possibility had to change its course due to the lack of preparation and consequent non-co-operation on the part of Man. The negative force and will prevailed for the time being and the Destiny of Mankind and the Evolution had to have a different Course. When the Old Form could not walk into the Supramental Body, a New Course was taken by the divine possibility — The Mother entered into the New Body.

The Mother, in Her subtle body, walked into the New Body. That was the triumph of which the mankind did not know. She is continuing Her work of the Supramental Manifestation and Transformation through those instruments who are open to Her, throughout the world and Her activity or Her Presence will not be bound by any spatial limitation. Her work is now for the entire world and for the entire humanity and is to be carried out throughout the world.


Satprem had a great experience on the next day, on 18th November 1973, which assured him that Mother’s Work is done, and the inevitable New World is now, here, on earth. He experienced: The whole world was ringing in a torrent of rapturous, irresistible, triumphant joy.  And NOTHING can stop the Coming of the New World.

Satprem narrates his experience:

On that November 18, 1973, she said something. I was stunned, aching from head to toe amid those hundreds and thousands of people staring at a “dead body.” The fans were droning, the neon lights were glaring; there was a scent of incense and jasmine in the air; they were making her coffin with all dispatch. But my heart was filled with such an enormous “This-is-not-possible,” as if the entire earth and all the sorrowful men of this earth were crying out in my heart. So then, this was the “end,” as it always was – as at Thebes and Babylon and Buchenwald. It was the end. And we start all over again. It was so overwhelmingly not-possible. Never, ever will I go through it again. Never, ever will there be “another time” with its sorrow and prayers and fruitless pain of being. There were a thousand men in my heart, all alike, who had waited and waited for THAT MOMENT. And there was no moment. We will have to come again in another life and learn again about Euclid and the law of gravity, and sorrow and “happiness” – and end up in a hole again? I was so broken, shattered on that November 18 – there was only a splitting headache and a blank look staring and staring at that procession of dead people. But, suddenly, I had the most stupendous experience of my life. I who had so much complained to Mother of never having any “experience”! I was in no condition to have an experience, or concentrate or pray, or will anything – I was nothing but a headache, an aching body, a kind of frightful nonentity staring at a small white form. An unintelligible masquerade. It was false, screamingly false. A dream. Not real.

All of life was not-real.

Then she lifted me in her arms. She lifted me above my headache, lifted me above that crowd, above all those meaningless little bodies. And I was in a sound-burst. I entered a stupendous peal of bells – vast as the universe, exceeding all universes, all lives, all bodies, and yet WITHIN – A colossal ringing that swept away the worlds, swept away the pains, swept away the whys and the hows; I was one with that formidable SOUND ringing over the universe:

… ringing and ringing. The whole world was ringing in a torrent of rapturous, irresistible, triumphant joy. NOTHING WILL STOP…. It was the inevitable new world.

My whole body was trembling. [Mother’s Agenda, vol. 13]


The spiritual journey of Man has a revolutionary and evolutionary turning since Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. They have given Spirituality a completely new turn and definition, a completely new purpose and value.
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother came to earth in order to lead the earthly Evolution beyond Man, beyond all the imperfections and incompleteness of Man, beyond all the sorrows and miseries of Man, beyond Death : and They have, jointly, advanced and almost completed Their Task to a very great extent. Only what They have done has to be finished — this is the Task that has to be taken up by some of the followers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and it will surely be further taken up and advanced by some. What They have done in Their individual lives has to be extended to the collective life.

Sri Aurobindo has said :

A divine life in a divine body is the formula of the ideal that we envisage. But what will be the divine body? What will be the nature of this body, its structure, the principle of its activity, the perfection that distinguishes it from the limited and imperfect physicality within which we are now bound? … … …
The process of the evolution upon earth has been slow and tardy– what principle must intervene if there is to be a transformation, a progressive or sudden change?

It is indeed as a result of our evolution that we arrive at the possibility of this transformation. As Nature has evolved beyond Matter and manifested Life, beyond Life and manifested Mind, so she must evolve beyond Mind and manifest a consciousness and power of our existence, free from the imperfection and limitation of our mental existence, a supramental or truth-consciousness and able to develop the power and perfection of the spirit … … …

Into that truth [supramental] we shall be freed and it will transform mind and life and body. Light and bliss and beauty and a perfection of the spontaneous right action of all the being are there as native powers of the supramental truth-consciousness and these will in their very nature transform mind and life and body even here upon earth into a manifestation of the truth-conscious spirit… … … [Supramental Manifestation]
The most essential aspect of the Work of the Supramental Descent and Transformation has been realized and advanced by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother aimed at and worked for a Descent, on earth, of the Supramental Consciousness, what He otherwise named as Truth Consciousness. They declared that Their main aim and objective was to manifest on earth the principle of Truth-Consciousness, of the Supramental Consciousness on earth, and set it on earth as a basic principle that will operate and function here and transform the human life into a divine life, progressively and step by step. And the divine life is defined by Them as a life where the main principle in function and operation is the principle of Supermind, while at present the main principle is Mind. They pointed out that no other power can bring the transformation except the Supramental Consciousness and Force. For more than fifty thousand years man has endeavoured to make perfect and flawless himself, his life and existence and his environment, but he has failed for the reason that all his endeavours came from an inferior power, the power of Mind. Mind is not a power of Truth — it is an indirect derivation from Truth, covered by pulls of flesh and upheavals from the vital forces and the smokes of the inconscience.

In the course of earthly evolution of Man, there were previous manifestations from the Supreme consciousness in order to cause from the Highest heights the Descent of the highest power suitable for the mankind at those times, and establish them on earth. Sri Rama came with the ideal of the enlightened mind, and Sri Krishna manifested the Overmind consciousness and revealed for us the aspect of Ananda of the Supreme. Thereafter, we find the Buddha who taught us the Way of Nirvana to transcend beyond the mental consciousness. And then, the next step required was / is the descent and manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness and Force. Sri Aurobindo took the Leadership, and along with The Mother, He did all that He had to do. With the Sacrifice of His body, He caused to get manifested the Mind of Light in The Mother, which the first effect of the Descent of the Supermind. This has to be done not for a course of an individual realization and perfection, but the whole earth and, at least, especially for a community open to the Supreme Consciousness. And Sri Aurobindo and The Mother wanted us to make efforts to progress towards the Supramentalization.


Sri Aurobindo told The Mother that She had to stay and complete the Work. Indeed, the entire responsibility of the Supramental Manifestation and of the Work for having a Divine Body came upon The Mother, when Sri Aurobindo passed away and the Mind of Light manifested in Her.

As we know, due to The Mother’s unique, intense and unparalleled Endeavours, the Supramental Consciousness finally descended on earth on 29th February 1956. I am again quoting below the oft-quoted declaration by The Mother :

First Supramental Manifestation
(During the common meditation on Wednesday
The 29th February 1956)
This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was present amongst you. I had the form of a living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door, which separated the world from the Divine.
As I looked at the door, I knew and willed in a single movement of consciousness, that ‘the time has come’, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.
And then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.

The Mother spoke of the New Body. It was around 1972. The New Supramental Body was already there. Only, The Mother was trying unveil the Way for entering that Body. She expressed that She will walk into That Body and merge the gross physical body into That Body. She said: I am trying to fuse this material body into that body but I have not been able to get the clue. … Nobody on earth has tried this, the secret is not given to me.
But Events were different, and Her entire Being had to leave the physical body. And then She has entered the New Body, which is eternal and immortal, which is very near to earthly consciousness.


The Eternal Mother shows Her example before all of us — the human race — and given us the Task and the Aim : the Supramental Transformation.

Out of Man, the Superman is to manifest. And Man is the basis for the advent of the Superman. He shall have to become the Superman. The purpose of the appearance of man must now be fulfilled. Man must surpass himself for that. Man has to collaborate with the Eternal Mother and the Master for the new Evolution, or the evolutionary forces will ignore him and go beyond him and find out its own means.

Sri Aurobindo has said :

A new humanity means for us the appearance, the development of a type or race of mental beings whose principle of mentality would be no longer a mind in the Ignorance seeking for knowledge but even in its knowledge bound to the ignorance, a seeker after Light but not its natural possessor, open to the Light but not an inhabitant of the Light, not yet a perfected instrument, truth-conscious and delivered out of the Ignorance. Instead, it would be possessed already of what could be called a mind of Light, a mind capable of living in the truth, capable of being truth-conscious and manifesting in its life a direct in place of an indirect knowledge. Its mentality would be an instrument of the Light and no longer of the Ignorance. At its highest it would be capable of passing into the supermind and from the new race would be recruited the race of supramental beings who would appear as the leaders of the evolution in earth-nature. … … …

The first gleamings of the new Light would carry in themselves the seed of its highest flamings; even in the first beginnings, the certainty of their topmost powers would be there; for this is the constant story of each evolutionary emergence: the principle of its highest perfection lies concealed in the involution which precedes and necessitates the evolution of the secret principle.

The Mother is waiting for us. In order to complete the Task of the Supramental Change and bring in the Supramental Race, there should be, at first, a “new humanity” — in the Words of Sri Aurobindo. That is the Aim now, before all of us.

The Mother is presiding over the entire Wrok of the Transformation. Of the birth of the New World, of the Advent of the New Species, the Supramental Race.

Barindranath Chaki

17th November 2014
[Written on 17-11-2009 and published elsewhere on the same day. Republished in Facebook today on 17-11-2014.]

The Task before us


The Task before us is to change the world — from the imperfect mental world to the Supramental World of Perfection, the New World.

But why? And how?


Some fifty thousand to more than a million years back, the early human beings started their journey on earth, definitely with hopes for Joy and Bliss, for satisfaction and fulfilment, for conquering diseases and Death, with inquisition and thirst for knowledge in their eyes and their fresh undisturbed intelligence. They marched onwards and created civilizations and cultures, created Arts and Literature and Poetry and Music, created the Society and all the social norms and rules and paraphernalia. Even they tried to solve all the problems and difficulties of life.

But in their attempts for doing so, they now find themselves in a world, which they have almost completely spoiled. Now, men and women and their world are ruled and conquered by darkness and ignorance, by sorrows and sufferings, by chaos and disorder, by battles and warfare and destructions, genocides and mass-murders, by incurable mental and physical ailments and diseases and untimely deaths, in spite of all their wisdom and knowledge, all their feasts and festivals and parties and merry-makings, all the assortments and arrangements of enjoyment and pleasure, in spite of all their prosperities and riches, in spite of all their medical and scientific researches and discoveries and preparations, in spite of all religions and worships, in spite of all their peace talks and preaching of Ahimsa or non-violence, in spite of all their civilizations and progresses. Mankind has lost all their hopes and aspirations, all their spontaneous inborn simplicity and clarity and peace.


So, we have to change the world.

And how?

We will change the world, never by preaching this and that religion. They are already fighting against each other for centuries. I do not mean to attack any religion; Persons who represented the Supreme Consciousness initiated them all. But we have added so much of falsehood, doubts, hatred, clashes and even bloodsheds into them, that they can seldom lead us to our Goal.

We will bring the change never by political changes and revolutions, by change of Governments or creating League of Nations or commonwealths or UNOs, however noble and lofty may be the Ideas behind.

We will make the change, never by changing external activities or habits of society or of life, not by keeping or shaving beards or hairs, not by changing dresses, not by changing political parties or social groups, or by changing religions.

Never can we reach the Goal by trying to change others in a prototype, as the Communists tried and failed, or by trying to criticize others or by trying to find faults with others, NOT by declaring that we alone are the conveyors of Truth, and others are of Untruth. I will come to the issue of Truth or Untruth later.

We are to change ourselves, first.

Each of us is to change himself or herself.

If we prescribe to find the Ego and hunt it, and we really then go after the Ego, we will NEVER find it. Within there is Darkness, and the Ego is reigning there. While going after Ego, we will be lost in the Darkness. We shall follow the Light. We shall seek and find the Light within.


We are all moving towards the New Horizon, towards the New World, the New Creation — all human beings are so moving, knowingly or unknowingly. Some are marching ahead, some are moving slowly, some are loitering and gossipping and some are sleeping in Tamas, but all are on the Way.

Sri Aurobindo has said : When we have passed beyond humanity, then we shall be the Man.

In the New Horizion, the Supramental Sun has been arising, and it is now the Pre-Dawn time. And we are listening to the dawn chorus chanting. The voices of the Aspirants are being heard throughout the world.

As Sri Aurobindo has said, Man is a transitional being. When the earth was inhabited only by the animals, Man came into being, ushering in the next step on Earth, the step of Mind and Reason. The Earth itself is a process of Evolution; Matter — which involves the Sachchidananda, the Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, the Original Supreme Consciousness — formed this Earth, amid all the stars and the Sun and the planets, and it began evolving for the Manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness, step by step. Man emerged, the Neanderthal Man grew into the civilized Man of the twentyfirst century and still the Evolution has continued.. The marching ahead continues and it shall continue till Man grows into a Superman, and then into the Supramental Being — and the Evolution shall continue even beyond.

Satprem, while writing an Introduction to Mother’s Agenda, has spoken of  the New Man, of the Supramental Being:


This AGENDA … One day, another species among men will pore over this fabulous document as over the tumultuous drama that must have surrounded the birth of the first man among the hostile hordes of a great, delirious Paleozoic. A first man is the dangerous contradiction of a certain simian logic, a threat to the established order that so genteelly ran about amid the high, indefeasible ferns – and to begin with, it does not even know that it is a man. It wonders, indeed, what it is. Even to itself it is strange, distressing. It does not even know how to climb trees any longer in its usual way – and it is terribly disturbing for all those who still climb trees in the old, millennial way. Perhaps it is even a heresy. Unless it is some cerebral disorder? A first man in his little clearing had to have a great deal of courage. Even this little clearing was no longer so sure. A first man is a perpetual question. What am I, then, in the midst of all that? And where is my law? What is the law? And what if there were no more laws? … It is terrifying. Mathematics – out of order. Astronomy and biology, too, are beginning to respond to mysterious influences. A tiny point huddled in the center of the world’s great clearing. But what is all this, what if I were ‘mad’? And then, claws all around, a lot of claws against this uncommon creature. A first man … is very much alone. He is quite unbearable for the pre-human ‘reason.’ And the surrounding tribes growled like red monkies in the twilight of Guiana.

One day, we were like this first man in the great, stridulant night of the Oyapock. Our heart was beating with the rediscovery of a very ancient mystery – suddenly, it was absolutely new to be a man amidst the diorite cascades and the pretty red and black coral snakes slithering beneath the leaves. It was even more extraordinary to be a man than our old confirmed tribes, with their infallible equations and imprescriptible biologies, could ever have dreamed. It was an absolutely uncertain ‘quantum’ that delightfully eluded whatever one thought of it, including perhaps what even the scholars thought of it. It flowed otherwise, it felt otherwise. It lived in a kind of flawless continuity with the sap of the giant balata trees, the cry of the macaws and the scintillating water of a little fountain. It ‘understood’ in a very different way. To understand was to be in everything. Just a quiver, and one was in the skin of a little iguana in distress. The skin of the world was very vast. To be a man after rediscovering a million years was mysteriously like being something still other than man, a strange, unfinished possibility that could also be all kinds of other things. It was not in the dictionary, it was fluid and boundless – it had become a man through habit, but in truth, it was formidably virgin, as if all the old laws belonged to laggard barbarians. Then other moons began whirring through the skies to the cry of macaws at sunset, another rhythm was born that was strangely in tune with the rhythm of all, making one single flow of the world, and there we went, lightly, as if the body had never had any weight other than that of our human thought; and the stars were so near, even the giant airplanes roaring overhead seemed vain artifices beneath smiling galaxies. A man was the overwhelming Possible. He was even the great discoverer of the Possible. Never had this precarious invention had any other aim through millions of species than to discover that which surpassed his own species, perhaps the means to change his species – a light and lawless species. After rediscovering a million years in the great, rhythmic night, a man was still something to be invented. It was the invention of himself, where all was not yet said and done. [Mother’s Agenda, Vol.1]




However, as we find, Man is, mainly and in majority, still far away from the Divine Possibility : Man is greatly involved in egoism, in Tamas, in vital and mental limitations and obstructions. Sometimes, even if and even when Man delves in and professes higher thinking and spirituality and a further evolution beyond humanity, he is still living and moving with a predominantly active lower nature. The human beings are more or less engrossed in limited or partial ideas, mental opinions, preferences, ignorant habits and mental constructions centered around lower vital nature, which has enslaved him with pride, arrogance, enmity, hostility, jealousy, envy, greed, cravings, passions,selfishness, egoism. Man is still living with ignorance, doubt, stupidity, falsehood, laziness, and Tamas.. If somewhere there is an endeavour for growing or creating something noble and great and aspiring for a higher possibility, forming a collectivity for moving forward, then it may also be found that from several corners attacks are creeping in, overtly or covertly, vehemently or stealthily, from the lower nature full of darkness and ignorance. Ego becomes the main force in Man, along with all narrowness, all crookedness, all poisonous divisions, tending to pull down all that great and noble in Man.

The change, as some may think, is not at all easy.

The change I am speaking of is not easy. Had it been easy, it would not have delayed by 50,000 years. All the religions, all the lofty social endeavours, including the French revolution or the Marxist revolution in Russia, have failed to change the human nature from what it is practically and what it should be. That is because the matter is very very difficult. Why difficult? Because we are insincere, egoistic, driven intolerance and hatred and animal enmity and anger, and above all we fail to know and understand Truth in its entirety.

The change needs a sincere and an undefeated ceaseless sadhana.




O thou who climbest to man from the dull stone,
Turn to the miracled summits yet unwon.
[ Evolution : Sri Aurobindo ]

Thus said Sri Aurobindo to us, to the beings who have maneuvered and become the humans through the long and prolonged difficult course of Evolution — from the stone to the human. That was the story of the Creation of Man.

And now we will have to face and conquer the new summits beyond Man, beyond human being and the human consciousness. We shall have to conquer the new heights of Consciousness and have the miraculous capacities to transform ourselves for the New Creation, for the Advent of the New Man, the Superman, the Supramental Being.

We shall have to ascend the heights of the higher ranges of Mind — of the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, the Intuitive Mind , the Overmind — the ascend the heights of  the Gnosis, the Supramental Consciousness. And before all these Ascents to be made, we shall to have to discover and know the truth in us, the Psychic Being.

That is the Task before us. For, that is the Truth. The Spirit, involved in the Stone that has become Man, has to evolve further and manifest Itself.

The Mother has prayed before the Supreme :

Lord, we are upon earth to accomplish Thy work of transformation. It is our sole will, our sole preoccupation. Grant that it may be also our sole occupation and that all our actions may help us towards this single goal.

This Evolution is the Work of the Divine, the Supreme. The Supreme, the Existence Consciousness Bliss has become the Stone, the principle of Matter through Involution. And thence the return March of the Supreme — from Matter to the Supreme Consciousness again. And Man has come into being in course of Evolution in the return March.

But in Evolution, the One willed to become the Many.


“The Will of the Supreme created the Manifestation. In words, it may be said that he thought : “Ekoham, bahu syama.” [ I am alone, and shall become many.]  The Existence-Consciousness has became many, countless many, and each of the many is a Soul.

“A soul, or the atman in Sanskrit, is a part and portion of the Supreme Consciousness, the Divine — a part who is one with the Whole, who can unite with the Whole and can become the Whole also.

[ Excerpts quoted from The Psychic BeingThe New Horizon — Barindranath Chaki]


The Divine began His return March and has reached the stage of the Human. Now the Human has to collaborate with the Divine to manifest the Divine in Many as the Supramental Race.

Ignorance and Darkness and diseases and Death have to conquered, as those belong to the falsehood. That is the Will of the Divine.


The Mother had prayed :

The hour has come when a choice has to be made, radical and definitive. Lord, give us the strength to reject falsehood and emerge in Thy truth, pure and worthy of Thy victory….

As ordinary human beings, we are leading ourselves to the Abyss, through our lowest emotions, passions, pre-occupations and occupations, through our fears and distrust and gross indulgence. Often we close our eyes to the Light, often we shut up our inner windows when we hear the Call. We lend ourselves to be controlled and managed by the Asura.

The Mother has further said:

The Asura is the force of falsehood, antidivine, which reigns as sovereign over the physical world; his influence is felt everywhere, it is in everything in Matter. But the time has now come when the separation, the purification, can be made, the falsehood, the Asuric influence, rejected and there can be an exclusive living in the Divine Truth.

On the 1st January 1967, The Mother gave us the Message :

Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative:
Truth or the abyss.

The Mother has further said:

The message is only for those who are still asleep and quite satisfied with their sleep.

We find that still the majority of the humankind is asleep, asleep in darkness and ignorance with all satisfaction.

The Truth is that we shall have to aspire and endeavour for the Ascent, we shall have to prepare ourselves and be ready for the Next Step, we shall have to stop remaining satisfied with our present state of being immersed in gross indulgence and inner blindness and blocked consciousness, of being involved with hatred and jealousy and greed and violence, of being conquered by darkness and ignorance and death.

If we accept the Truth, we are opening the gates of great possibilities. The Mother says : This wonderful world of delight waiting at our gates for our call, to come down upon earth…

We shall have to accept this Truth. Otherwise the Abyss is sure.  To stop remaining the grossly animal man, immersed in darkness and narrowness and hatred and violence, that is what is desired. Our pre-occupation and occupation should be The Next Step, the New Evolution.

Barindranath Chaki


[Posted in ASPIRATION and in The Aspirants in Facebook on 22-08-2014. Revised from some of my previous writings published elsewhere on 22-01-2010]

Sri Aurobindo’s Writings 01

Sri Aurobindo 7AB

Sri Aurobindos Writings 01

What Sri Aurobindo has written is the expression of what He was/ is and what is His vision.


Sri Aurobindo, as we know, besides being an Indian nationalist and a great scholar, was an evolutionary philosopher, a great poet and mystic, a rare mahayogi, and a spiritual master. His followers and many others throughout the world regard Him as an Avatar, an incarnation of the Absolute, the Supreme.


Sri Aurobindo contributed to the humanity His vast writings and through his own Yogic advancement, – worked for finding and showing the Way to the further Evolution on earth, and to bring down the Consciousness beyond Mind, that he termed the Supermind, the Supramental Consciousness to enable the Manifestation of the Supramental Beings on earth.


Sri Aurobindo was a philosopher par excellence, a poet par excellence, a very great and rare visionary of evolution. He is regarded as the Hope of Man. Satprem, a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother Mira Alfassa, has epitheted Sri Aurobindo as the Adventure of Consciousness. He wasnot only an Adventurer of Consciousness, but Himself the Adventure.


An Explorer of Consciousness, He was also the builder of the New World, basing on the New and a Higher Consciousness, the Supramental Consciousness, a much higher level of Consciousness, hitherto unmanifest, which was referred in the Vedas as Vijnana and re-discovered by Him. And He has shown us the Way, the Integral Way to the New Realization. His Task was not of realizing the Divine Consciousness and merging into It, transcending and leaving the Manifestation, the World and the Universe, forgetting the mankind and its past, present and future. His teaching was not to have Nirvana, or Moksha, to reach the Heaven and staying there forever, or to return to the Source, to the Origin. He has shown us a Way to discover, manifest and realize our own higher possibilities, our human and also our superhuman and divine possibilities. He has taught us about transforming our individual existence and even our collective existence, and also the world as a whole, breaking all our personal and egoistic limits, and becoming one with our earth, as vast as our earth. To divinize and supramentalize the world was and is the Task he undertook and asked us to take up. 


Sri Aurobindo is the Leader of the next evolution on earth. He was the first Person on earth to know and declare that the humanity must go beyond itself,  that Man has to evolve beyond himself towards becoming supramental beings, towards supermanhood. That is the Will of the Supreme, and the design of Nature, what is termed by Sri Aurobindo as Supernature.


Sri Aurobindo has said :

Our evolution in the Ignorance with its checkered joy and pain of self-discovery and world-discovery, its half fulfilments, its constant finding and missing, is only our first state. It must lead inevitably towards an evolution in the Knowledge, a self finding and self-unfolding of the Spirit, a self-revelation of the Divinity in things in that true power of itself in Nature which is to us still a Supernature.


Frederic Spiegelberg said in 1949 that Sri Aurobindo is the greatest living philosopher on earth. He also said  I have never known a philosopher so well-embracing in his metaphysical structure as Sri Aurobindo, none before him had the said vision. Dorothy M Richardson expressed as a question: Has there existed a more synthetic consciousness than that of Sri Aurobindo? Unifying he is to the limit of the terms.  And Roman Rolland said in his book India on the March that Sri Aurobindo is the completed synthesis that has been realized to this day of the genius of Asia and the genius of Europe.. The last of the greatest Rishis holds in his hand, infirm unrelaxed grip, the bow of creative energy.  


The Mother met Sri Aurobindo for the first time on29-03-1914. She wrote in Prayers and Meditations on the next day:


Gradually the horizon becomes distinct, the path grows clear,  and we move towards a greater and greater certitude.
It matters little that there are thousands of beings plunged in the densest ignorance, He whom we saw yesterday is on earth; his presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, and Thy reign shall be indeed established upon earth.
O Lord, Divine Builder of this marvel, my heart overflows with joyand gratitude when I think of it, and my hope has no bounds.

My adoration is beyond all words, my reverence is silent.


The Mother has further said on Sri Aurobindo:


What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world’s history is not a teaching, not  even a revelation; it is a decisive action, direct from the Supreme.   


Sri Aurobindo was / is, indeed, the Forerunner of the New Race,  the Supramental Race.


One shall descend and break the iron law,
Change Nature
s doom by the lone Spirits power. 
A limitless Mind that can contain the world, 
A sweet and violent heart of ardent calms 
Moved by the passions of gods shall come. 
[ Savitri, page 346]


The above lines from Savitri are very well applicable to Sri Aurobindo, though these are equally applicable to The Mother.


As a philosopher, we see Him to be at the topmost level of Consciousness; He accepted all the philosophical truths reached by the earlier philosophers and transcended and integrated them all in a new synthesis into one whole Truth.


As a poet, He shows us the Way to the Future Poetry,and His Poems were expressions of the Truth, which He saw and realized andlived, which were expressions from the higher planes of Mind and Consciousness.


The Life Divine is the most important philosophical work of Sri Aurobindo. It is a theory of the spiritual evolution that culminates in the further evolution and transformation of Man, the mental being, into Superman, the supramental being,  which creates a manifestation of the Life Divine on earth.  


Sri Aurobindo has said :  ‘The Life Divine is not philosophy but fact; it contains what I have realized and seen. The aim of The Life Divine is a changed earth and nobler and happier humanity. It is a very great philosophical work, but also a unique and unparalleled manifesto of the Future, the first manifesto of such a manifestation on earth. Sri Aurobindo’s intellect was always inspired and used by His unique spiritual realization the realization of the Supramental Consciousness. The Life Divine was not a work of intellect alone.  It was thoroughly inspired by a great spiritual realization. It is having a great intellectual analysis, but it also has the most unique and superb spiritual synthesis and integration. In The Life Divinewe find an integrated combination of a unique spiritual realization, which never occurred earlier on earth the supramental realization and a correspondent and equally great intellectual activity in making a magnificent declaration of the Future, a superb proclamation of the coming Great Dawn, witha supreme supramental manifesto of the evolving new Age of the supramental beings.   


Sri Aurobindo has said to one of His disciples:


In my explanation of the universe, I have put forward this cardinal fact of spiritual evolution as the meaning of our existence here. It is a series of ascents from the physical being and consciousness to the vital, the being dominated by life-self, thence to the mental being realized in the fully developed man and thence to the perfect consciousness which is beyond the mental, into the supramental Consciousness and the supramental being, the Truth-Consciousness which is the integral consciousness of the spiritual being. Mind cannot be our last conscious expression because mind is fundamentally an ignorance seeking knowledge; it is only the supramental Truth-Consciousness that can bring us the true and whole Self-Knowledge and world-Knowledge. It is through that only that we can get to our true being and the fulfillment of the spiritual being.

(Letters on Yoga I)


According to Sri Aurobindo, this universe is the Manifestation of this One Being-cum-Consciousness through a continuous Evolution. This One Being-cum-Consciousness is involved on earth in Matter. Evolution is the way by which this Being-cum-Consciousness expresses itself. Consciousness expresses itself in what appears to be inconscient, and once having this self-expression, it impelled itself to grow higher and higher and simultaneously to enlarge and develop towards a greater and greater perfection. The first step of this self-expression of consciousness is Life.  The next step is Mind. But Evolution does not end with Mind. It aims to move ahead into something greater, into a Consciousness that is spiritual and supramental. The next step of Evolution must be towards the development of Supermind and Spirit as the dominant power in the conscious being. Because, then only the involved Divinity in things will release itself fully and manifestation of perfection will become possible in life.


Life has evolved out of Matter, and it continues to be with Matter. Integrated with a living body, which is a transformed expression of Matter. It does not leave Matter to continue it existence. So also life has evolved in a living body, which is also greatly changed for the manifestation and functioning of Mind. Similarly, through further evolution, Mind is to find Supermind and the mental being, manifested and existing in a living body, should have an integral transformation for the Supramental Transformation. Thus will emerge the supramental beings. Moksha or Nirvaana or living in a Heaven is neither the Way of Evolution,  nor the Goal of Evolution, nor the fulfillment of Evolution. The Supramental Manifestation on earth, with the advent of the supramental beings, the supramental race, is the Goal or Task of Evolution. That is also the human Way now, the human Goal and Task. This is the message of Sri Aurobindo through The Life Divine to the mankind. That is the Truth.


Mankind must realize this Truth. proceed on this Way, take up this Task and realize the Life Divine on earth. 



Barindranath Chaki




Three previous births of Satprem

Three previous births of Satprem

Satprem 2

Satprem has described about his three previous births in a letter dated 29th June 1959 to The Mother, vide Mother’s Agenda , vol I.

In all the three births, he committed suicide, as his wife, too, committed suicide as he abandoned her. He was married to a very good woman, the same woman in all the births, but he was ‘wandering here and there in search of something.’ In all the three births, he came in contact with a monk who wanted to make Satprm his disciple, but he succeded in that only in the last previous birth! But still he committed suicide in that birth, too!

The Person, whom Satprem named X, who narrated him of these three births also told him that the present birth was his last birth.

Prior to his telling about these three previous births, Satprem had dreams which gave hints about the events in these births. But he did nor tell X about these dreams prior to his narration of these three births to him.

Saprem has described:

“I had said nothing to X about these various dreams before he told me the story of my last three existences: three times I committed suicide – the first by fire, the second by hanging, and the third by throwing myself into the void. During the first of these last three existences, I was married to a ‘very good’ woman, but for some reason I abandoned my wife ‘and I was wandering here and there in search of something.’ Then I met a sannyasi who wanted to make me his disciple, but I could not make up my mind, I was ‘neither this side nor that side,’ whereupon my wife came to me and pleaded with me to take her back. Apparently I rejected her – so she threw herself into the fire. Horror-stricken, I followed her, throwing myself into the fire in turn. That was when I created ‘a connection’ with certain beings [of the other worlds] and I fell under their power. For two other lives, under the influence of these beings, the same drama was repeated with a few variations.

“During the second of these last three existences, I was married to the same woman whom I again abandoned under the influence of the same monk, and I again remained between two worlds wandering here and there. Again my wife came to plead with me and again I pushed her away. She hung herself, and I hung myself in turn.

“During my last existence, the monk succeeded in making me a sannyasi, and when my wife came to plead with me, I told her, ‘Too late, now I am a sannyasi.’ So she threw herself into the void, and horror-stricken by the sudden revelation of all these dramas and of my wife’s goodness (for it seems she was a great soul), I threw myself in turn into the void.”

As we all know, Satprem and Sujata came in contact with The Mother who led them onwards spiritually and integrally!!

Barindranath Chaki