Human Progress II

Human Progress II

My personal belief is in human progress and evolution. Man has the innate capacity to outgrow and master all his imperfections and darkness, and he should develop this and grow into a creative, constructive and divinized higher being. The human society should also grow accordingly and conquer all darkness within and without, surpassing all racial, religious, linguistic, political and other artificial barriers.

It may be said, following Sri Aurobindo :

Nature shall live to manifest secret God,
The Spirit shall take up the human play,
The earthly life become the life divine.

And let us follow The Mother in understanding Sri Aurobindo:

What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world’s history is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a decisive action direct from the Supreme.

The Mother has further said:

Sri Aurobindo came upon earth to teach this truth to men. He told them that man is only a transitional being living in a mental consciousness, but with the possibility of acquiring a new consciousness, the Truth-consciousness, and capable of living a life perfectly harmonious, good and beautiful, happy and fully conscious. During the whole of his life upon earth, Sri Aurobindo gave all his time to establish in himself this consciousness he called supramental, and to help those gathered around him to realise it.

The Mother has also said:

Sri Aurobindo belongs to the future; he is the messenger of the future. He still shows us the way to follow in order to hasten the realisation of a glorious future fashioned by the Divine Will.
All those who want to collaborate for the progress of humanity and for India’s luminous destiny must unite in a clairvoyant aspiration and in an illumined work.

Man has problems. He has sufferings, defeats, imperfections, incompleteness, failures, diseases, ignorance, darkness, inertia, animal hungers, dissatisfactions, sorrows and death. He is limited, imprisoned, in chains everywhere. And he finally succumbs to an unwelcome death.

But he questions his imperfections, incompleteness, ignorance, darkness, diseases, and even his death. He has an inborn aspiration to overcome all these and to have the conquest over all his imperfections and defeats. He has tried to fulfil this aspiration by his progress and growth in knowledge and use and application of sciences, foundation of philosophies and schools of thoughts, and researches into the spiritual domain, through political and social changes, reformations and revolutions, through economic changes, through industrial and agricultural reformations and growth, and through religions. There have been prophets, seers and sages from time immemorial, philosophers, scientists and socio-political thinkers, but Man find himself back at the square one. Some persons might have attained moksha [spiritual liberation] or nirvana or nearness to the heavenly Lord, but the trillions and trillions of human beings are at the same place, in front of the Sphinx.

As long as man continues to remain what he has been so long in the past fifty millennia or so, since the days of the Homo Sapiens, bound to his past and his limitations and imperfections and incapacities, his ignorance and darkness, there cannot be any hope for him.

He must solve the riddle of existence. He must surpass himself, cross his limitations, aspire to transcend himself and prepare himself for the new World.

Says the Mother :
Sri Aurobindo came on earth from the Supreme to announce the manifestation of a new race and a new world, the Supramental.

This is our Destiny, our true Goal: to prepare ourselves, to build ourselves for the advent of the new world, new race, new Humanity, to march towards the New Horizon, the New Creation.

If you are in search of Truth, of ever-growing Perfection, of the true Art and Science of human life, you are to follow the steps shown by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo towards the Supramental Manifestation on earth..

Barindranath Chaki
(Adapted from an earlier publication of mine elsewhere on 26-3-2006




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